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Cafes - using reusables for dine-in during COVID-19

We all want to do the right thing and keep safe during COVID -19, and for food outlets there is the extra onus to keep your customers safe too. As many cafes prepare to reopen, there has been much talk about disposable vs reusable foodware, and what is the safest option during COVID -19.

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of rumour that single-use is safest, resulting in many fearing that reusables were unsafe, something not supported by the facts. Fears regarding reusables has also been exploited by the opportunistic petrochemical industry.

The rumour mill (prompted by some industry associations) most recently suggested that food outlets need to use plastic foodware and cutlery when they reopen. We have compiled the official government and health industry advice given to Australian food outlets on this matter, and this rumour is simply not true.

There is NO suggestion or regulation anywhere in Australia that businesses must use single-use foodware in order to fulfill COVID-safe reopening regulations. 


It is important that protocols are based on science and government guidance, not rumour. All State and Territory Government advisories say essentially the same thing, making your place COVID-safe is about practicing social distancing and following good hygiene protocols.

It is not about what items you are using - viruses can exist on both single-use and reusables alike. Normal dishwashing practices can remove the virus from reusables- the same cannot be said for single-use packaging, which usually cannot be washed.

The key official messages are:

  • Follow social distancing rules

  • Practice good hygiene when preparing and handling food

  • Wash your hands frequently

  • Clean and sanitise food preparation surfaces and tables

  • Safe handling protocols for menus, foodware and condiments will minimise risks


Government advice follows the recommendations from Food Standards Australia's Food safety checks for food businesses preparing to recommence pre-restriction operations:

‘Areas used for food preparation and serving will need to be thoroughly cleaned, and food preparation surfaces and utensils cleaned and sanitised before use to ensure there is no risk to food safety’.

  • Clean packaged (sealed) food if required, before opening it.

  • Check all stocks of food packaging materials are clean (e.g. takeaway containers)

  • Clean all food areas and clean and sanitise food surfaces, utensils and equipment

  • Clean customer areas and clean and sanitise crockery and cutlery etc.

The usual task of clearing foodware after each course and washing using a commercial grade dishwasher or glasswasher is the perfect behaviour during the pandemic (and required under all state guidelines for reusables).

This means that your businesses can have total control of foodware handling, a situation that cannot be claimed for disposable items. You can continue to use your own crockery and cutlery and you do not have to purchase additional costly single-use items.

When it comes to menus, we suggest discarding table menus and using display menus and giving customers access to on-line menus through their phones. Bulk condiment containers (washed after each use) are safer than sachets, constantly handled, and not easily cleaned.


So let the relevant authorities guide you, welcome your customers through your door and let them be seated with good old fashioned crockery, your finest crystal glasses and shiniest silverware. 

There is so much that counts for a good dine-in experience, with quality and hygienic reusables playing a major part. As well, when margins are tighter than ever, single-use just doesn't make economic sense

For specific information on the SA guidelines for food outlets - see below.


For specific SA guidelines and requirements:

For general advice:

For other states and territories:


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